At Hyperack Sdn Bhd, we understand the critical importance of maintaining the safety and efficiency of your storage systems. Our comprehensive Racking Systems Inspection service is designed to ensure your racking systems remain in optimal condition, compliant with industry standards, and capable of supporting your operational needs.

Inspections can:

  • Prevent damage to people or goods
  • Extend the life span of facilities
  • Minimise future repair costs by discovering risks early
  • Offer a speedy repair service

The report you will receive uses the traffic light system:

  • Green: items with negligible damage that is safe to use.
  • Amber: Damage that needs repairs but does not require immediate off-loading.

Annual Rack Inspection service:

  • Comprehensive professional inspection
  • No interruption to operations
  • Detailed inspection report
  • Independent expert to assess equipment
  • Reminder of when next inspection is due
  • Support between visits
  • Load signs for each rack stating its maximum capacity.

Trusted independent warehouse racking systems inspection from a world leader

As the world’s leading inspection company since year 1996, we offer you unrivalled expertise, ensuring the reliability and safety of racking systems across the globe. To discuss how our racking systems inspection could benefit your organization, contact us today.

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