Pallet tainer drawing
Pallet Trainer

Self-guided Stacking
The Pallet Tainer exclusive inverted angles provide safe, secure and simple stacking. By positioning the bottom angles of the top rack over the stacking tubes of the unit below, the Pallet Tainer rack can be guided into itโ€™s stacked position for full column-to-column loading. Self-guided stacking does away with the trial and error method of post and target stacking.

Pallet Trainer

Front-end Nesting
Pallet tainer front-end nesting increases empty rack handling and efficiency. Each rack adds only 5ยฝ inch to the overall nested height and overhang is limited to 2 inch per tainer. This results in nesting ratios as great as 12:1, depending on tainer height and depth, and allows rack tainer nesting in low overhead areas. Pallet Tainer nests can besily handled with a handling material equipment such as reach truck, forklift and pallet jack.

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